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“A Rolfer works with gravity. He understands the gravitational pull in everything that a human being does, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the moment he is conceived until the day the undertaker catches up with him. Gravity does not take a vacation.”
- Dr. Ida Rolf  

The New Book of
Baby and Child Massage
$15.00 (includes free shipping)

​This breakthrough guide to baby & child massage explains how, beginning in infancy, a child's vitality, self-confidence, behavior, and overall healthy development may be greatly enhanced by a few minutes of gentle massage by a parent on a regular basis.

Endorsed by Mark and Gordie Howe, Hockey Hall of Famers

​Robert has been an Advanced Certified Rolf Practitioner since 1975

He studied directly with Dr Rolf over the last four years of her life.

He served as her self appointed east coast business assistant.

He found all of her administrative assistants, took her to the movies and hosted her 80th birthday party and found out how to listen and learn what she had to teach. He also apprenticed with Dick Demmerle her son. . 

Robert traveled around the country with her to board meetings, and conferences . Robert set up her final classes, and in 1978 was chosen by Dr Rolf to implement, and manage a project to demonstrate, document and promote the benefits of Rolfing babies, children and families. .

He is now committed to teaching other practitioners.

Learn Massage for your baby!

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