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Endorsed by Mark and Gordie Howe,
Hockey Hall of Famers

Learn how to use the power and importance of touch to create a lasting bond with your children 

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In this book, you will learn powerful hands-on concepts and techniques that you can use with your baby or child that will dramatically improve their neuromuscular, academic, economic and social development.

​Robert has been an Advanced Certified Rolf Practitioner since 1975.

He studied directly with Dr Rolf over the last four years of her life and served as her self appointed east coast business assistant. Robert found all of her administrative assistants, he took her to the movies, hosted her 81st birthday party and learned how to listen to what she had to teach. 

Robert also apprenticed with Dick Demmerle her son. 

Robert traveled around the country with her to board meetings and conferences. Robert set up her final classes, and in 1978 was chosen by Dr Rolf to implement, and manage a project to demonstrate, document and promote the benefits of Rolfing babies, children and families. .

He is now committed to teaching other practitioners how to work with babies, children families and communities.

Robert & Dr Rolf  Linda & Shira 1978.



The purpose of my work is to free your body and life from patterns of tension that you have either inherited or acquired through life's physical or emotional challenges