Before he was Rolfed, J.C. had a protruding stomach and stood hunched over. Significant improvement in these areas can be seen in the photographs. His mother states that he seems more in control of his movements and that, whereas he frequently complained of headaches before his Rolfing sessions, he never complains of them now. She also reports that there is a positive shift in J.C.’s self-image, as evidenced by the pictures.
Before Rolfing, 1 week old

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After 4 Rolfing Sessions, 4 weeks old

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Prior to her Rolfing sessions, Liz felt she was overweight and she was not pleased with her posture. She complained that her stomach stuck out. Notice also how her head hangs forward. Immediately after Rolfing, and as much as a year later, you can see a notable improvement in her posture. Her head is more erect and her stomach is flatter. As Liz matured into adolescence, her mother was concerned not just about her daughter’s slumping posture, but also about her difficulty with being emotionally open and expressing herself. Liz seemed to worry a lot. After Rolfing, her mother reports  that she became much more open, loving, and helpful; she is full of enthusiasm and even worries a lot less.