9 months or more after completing the 10 basic Rolfing sessions, you may continue your alignment journey with Advanced Rolfing Sessions 11-14. 
Head and Neck: Often referred to as the "putting on the head" session this session is largely a shoulders up session. Shoulders, neck, and head will be worked into balance as well as arms when needed.

Session 8: ​Balance and Being in the Present

Session 9: Self-Esteem

Legs and Feet: First step towards rebuilding support in the legs. Working below the knee, restoring motion between the bones of the feet, tuning up the arches, and starting to rebalance how the body rests on the feet. 
Abdomen: Opens and lengthens the rest of the front body. Covers hips to chest and deeper work including the front of the neck. Clients who tend to slump forward at the shoulders or hips, find this to be a primary session that helps.
Upper Body: This session usually concentrates on balancing
the upper body.

Your 10 Sessions

Sides of the Body: Focuses on the sides of the body from ankle to armpit. Helps to balance the body from front to back and begins to transition the work from surface to deeper fascial work. 



Session 6: Extending Yourself

The first series concentrates on major segments of your body, feet, legs, torso, arms/shoulders head and neck. Your posture in your body and your posture in life. 

The Advanced series concentrates on major joints, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, lower back and pelvis, head and neck 

You will leave this series with new confidence and power in the bigger world

Session 7: ​A New Perspective

Session 10: Completion

Connecting the Body: The essence of Rolfing begins with the very last thing we do in session 10. Your body/life  begins a new sense of balance and alignment 
The Inner Legs: Works on legs for a deeper run and focus on lengthening the inner line of the legs from ankle to pelvic floor. 

Session 1: Full self expression

Session 4: ​Vitality

Session 5: Power and Confidence

Chest and Shoulders: the first session focuses on ribs, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. The session  introduces the idea of breathing into areas of the body to help release tensions.
Lower Body: Balancing the lower body. Removing imbalances in large muscle that tend to decrease both verticality of the spine and structural balance.
The Extensor Muscles: The session with the largest territory. Covers the entire back body from heels to neck. Opens the backs of the legs, eases issues with spinal curves and brings the body into a better balance.

Session 3:Moving in a new direction

Session 2: ​Our Stance in Life

The Advanced Series - Sessions 11-14: